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Virtual School Survival Kits

With our province still under lockdown restrictions, children are back online learning from home. This has had a major impact on the daily life of the parents, teachers, and especially our youth. ?⌨️?

Recognizing this struggle, The Handy Bros. Heroes came up with an idea to try and alleviate some stress at home. We decided to make up “Virtual School Survival Kits” filled with fun indoor and outdoor activities. Our hope is to bring these children some joy and a break from the screen. ?????

Although wish we could help every family in CK, for this project we decided to reach out to an organization that we knew would be able to help us find suitable homes for these kits, with children who would truly benefit from them. ROCK Missions… Thank you for all you do for our community, your work does not go unrecognized by us. ⬇️

@rockmissions Special thanks to each of the Handy Bros Heroes who helped bring this idea to life. ???‍♀️?‍♂️

? Wader Likes Media we appreciate you for capturing this special day.…