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How to Choose an HVAC Contractor & Three Reasons to Choose a Licensed One

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Ideally, you’ll end up using the same contractor who installs your furnace or air conditioner for maintenance and repairs moving forward. You develop a relationship with them and come to trust them more over time. So, choosing the right HVAC contractor at the start is important. It can mean the difference between having a stressful experience every time you call for repairs, and hardly needing to call for help at all because your equipment is so well-maintained. Here is how to choose an HVAC contractor and 3 reasons to choose a licensed one.

1. Ask for Their License Number

The first thing that you should ask potential HVAC contractors about is whether they are licensed. Why does licensing matter?

  1. Knowledge: In order to become licensed, contractors need to demonstrate that they know what they are talking about. They have the knowledge to do things properly and safely.
  2. Insurance and warranties: In order to keep your manufacturer’s warranty on equipment, it often needs to be installed by a professional. Insurance companies may also refuse to cover damages caused by unlicensed technicians.
  3. Law: It is against the law for someone to work on HVAC equipment without a proper license in Ontario.

How do you know if a contractor is licensed in Ontario? Licenses can lapse, and there are different levels of HVAC contractor licenses in Ontario, so getting the number from the contractor isn’t quite enough. Instead, look up the contractor and license on the Ontario College of Trade’s “Find a Member” Search to confirm that your contractor is qualified to work on your equipment.

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2. Read Through Their Reviews

Google, Yelp, and other sites collect reviews for contractors. While any contractor can get one bad or one good review, the overall rating and the things that a few reviewers mention can help you choose a good one. Look for positive reviews that talk about the knowledge of the technicians, their customer service, and how reasonable their maintenance plans are. Or, look for the things that matter most to you. Remember that most people trust 2,3, and 4-star reviews more than 1 or 5 stars, as the people who write them may have unreasonably low or high standards.

3. Compare Quotes

Comparing quotes is the final way to choose the right HVAC technician. Be skeptical of quotes that are much higher or much lower than the others that you receive. Also, make sure that the quotes list the same parts, appliances or services to be sure they are a fair comparison. Technicians that offer more will charge more, and that can be a good thing if you’re getting a service that you need.

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