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Best Boiler Temperature for Central Heating

At Handy Bros ClimateCare we work with home and business owners in Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas to keep boilers and central heating working like clockwork. One of the questions we receive frequently on this subject is regarding the best boiler temperature for central heating. While temperature can vary based on make and model, we generally recommend a setting between 60-65 degrees Celsius. 

Here, we’ll talk more about why 60-65 degrees is the best boiler temperature and talk about boiler maintenance. 

Why Should Your Boiler be at the Right Temperature? 

There are many reasons why 60-65 degrees Celsius is the best boiler temperature for central heating. The first being that any lower than 60 degrees and you run the risk of contaminating water with Legionnaires disease. This disease is caused by bacteria that form at certain temperatures in water sources. Keeping your boiler above 60 degrees eliminates this risk. 

Another reason your boiler should remain in this setting is that boosting your boiler temperature too high could decrease efficiency and increase your heating bills. With central heating, you have the option of setting your thermostat on timers for optimal heating, although water does not need to be timed as it is used on-demand. 

Central Heating Boiler Maintenance 

Maintaining your boiler for maximum efficiency is important. We recommend having your boiler inspected once every year. Depending on the type of boiler you use, the pressure may need to be turned off so it can be inspected inside and out. 

Corrosion of the boiler, cracks, or leaks is all cause for concern. If you notice water around your boiler, that your boiler heat is unable to be maintained, or strange noises coming from your boiler, contact your heating and cooling experts as soon as possible. 

Choosing a Central Heat Boiler 

When making a central heating boiler comparison, you’ll notice there are different brands and styles to choose from. At Handy Bros ClimateCare we often recommend central boilers as they provide a warm home with less wasted energy. By minimizing furnace cycles, you save money on your heat and electric bill and receive a more evenly heated home. 

Central heating boiler suppliers provide you with controls for timing and temperature, giving you access to heat individual rooms in your home, rather than your entire house. Unlike traditional furnace heating of the past, where energy was wasted heating everything from basement to attic, central heating boilers allow you to heat your home on your own schedule. 

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Set it and Forget It 

Most homeowners in Canada set thermostats between 18-20 degrees for best results in heat and energy efficiency. In the winter when temperatures drop and you are tempted to increase the thermostat, it is important to remember that while raising the temperature above 20 will warm the house more quickly, it will also decrease energy efficiency and potentially waste heat. 

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