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Furnace Room Safety Tips

Many of us take our furnaces for granted. However, without proper care and maintenance, they can not only break down but also be at increased risk for fires and carbon monoxide leaks. Here we offer our top furnace room safety tips to keep your furnace running safely and efficiently. 

Vacuum and Clean Your Furnace Room 

Keeping your furnace room clean reduces the amount of dust and dirt build-up in the filter and system. Build-up not only interferes with energy efficiency and overall performance but can also increase the risk for fires. A good vacuuming in and around the furnace room keeps the dust to a minimum. 

Keep Your Furnace Clean 

The best way to keep your furnace clean is to schedule an annual fall maintenance call. They will perform a check and thorough cleaning to remove all the dust and build-up that can pose a fire hazard. 

Keep Kids Away 

Furnaces can get very hot, especially if you have a gas furnace. Make sure you tell the kids that the furnace room is off limits to avoid accidental burns. Also, kids’ toys left around the furnace can pose a fire hazard, so a no entry policy is always safest. 

Are you looking to schedule furnace maintenance to ensure your furnace is running up to par? Contact our team at Handy Bros. Home Comfort today. 

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Avoid Storing Flammables in the Furnace Room

You have many items in your home that are flammable from cleaning products to paints and various aerosol cans to boxes. Keep the entire area around your furnace completely free of anything that could be considered flammable avoiding storing paint in the furnace room. If your furnace room is also a storage room, keep everything well clear of the furnace itself. Keep in mind that chemical smells and fumes in the furnace room can be distributed throughout the home, another good reason to store these items elsewhere.

Keep Vents Clear

Your air vents should also be kept clear of things like area rugs, curtains, toys, electronics, blankets, seasonal décor, etc. Anything that can block the airflow can pose a fire risk, not to mention interfere with warm air entering the room.

Change the Filters

During the winter months, you should be changing your furnace filters once a month. This improves energy efficiency while also reducing the number of allergens sent back into your home when the furnace is on. Always be sure to close the furnace door securely when you change the filters to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is especially important for older models that don’t have safety switches that turn the system off if the door is open.

Avoid Using Space Heaters

If your home is heated inconsistently, avoid using unvented space heaters. They increase the risk for both fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Instead, speak to your local HVAC expert to check your system to see if it requires repairs or replacement. If you must use a space heater, read the instructions and be sure to follow them to keep your family safe.

Furnace Room Door

Should the furnace room door be open or closed? Ideally, furnaces should not be closed off by a door for safety and health reasons. If the door is closed, a vented door for the furnace room is highly recommended.

Best Flooring for Furnace Room

The best floors for furnace rooms are ceramic tile, vinyl, or a painted subfloor. They are all water and scratch resistant making them ideal for utility rooms.

Furnace room safety is important for all homes. Contact our team at Handy Bros. Home Comfort today to learn more.