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What Situations Call for Emergency Water Heater Repair?

Water heaters can develop all sorts of problems, but which are emergencies that might be a safety hazard and require you to call your HVAC technician right away? No one wants to call their HVAC company for an emergency unless it really is one. Discover the symptoms of water heater troubles. Learn which you should be most concerned about, and which can wait until regular working hours.

Symptoms of Water Heater Problems 

How do you know that you have a water heater problem at all? Here are the symptoms of a water heater problem:

  • Water is too hot: If your water is too hot, your water heater may be set too high, the mixer may be broken, or there may be other problems.
  • Water is too cold: Of course, cold water indicates that there may be something wrong with your water heater.
  • There is a leak nearby: A pool of water on the floor near the water heater may be the cause, or there may be another source of the leak.
  • Water looks off: When you turn on the tap, does the water look clear? Brownish, yellowish, or water with sediment in it may all be a problem.
  • Water smells off: Even clear water can have a problem. Water that smells off may be a serious problem or just an aesthetic issue.
  • Unusual noises: A water heater that makes popping, creaking, or high-pitched noises likely has a mechanical issue that needs to be fixed.

To learn more about water heaters or are dealing with a water heater emergency, give our experts at Handy Bros. Climate Care a call today.

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When Is It an Emergency?

Which problems merit a call to your HVAC professional right now, no matter the time of night or day? Here are some guiding principles:

  • Leaks: Major leaks can be emergencies. Water can cause damage to your home, increase the odds of electrical problems, and be a serious safety hazard for children and the elderly especially. Minor leaks can usually wait, but major ones should be handled right away.
  • Heat: A lack of heat in your water isn’t typically an emergency, but too much heat can be. Extreme heat from your taps can be a hazard for children. And, if you can’t wait to use your water, then you’ll need professional help right away.
  • Water quality: If your water heater is undermining your water quality, it may be an emergency issue, or it may not. It’s hard to know without having the professionals test your water. Bacteria that grow in water heaters set too low can be a serious health hazard. But, other water quality issues won’t impact your health.

If you’re in doubt about whether you’re facing an emergency, it is always better to just call us to ask. We can let you know if you’re safe to wait a bit or if your water heater is in need of emergency service.

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