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HandyBros Heroes – 12 Days of Giving: Day 7

Day 7 is here and today we were so excited to partner with our very own HandyBros Hero, Steve Blackburn. Not only is he part of our HandyBros Family, but he’s the proud owner of “Gedrrdun Acres” too. He’s a local farm boy with a heart of gold. raising chickens for years, and this year he is choosing to donate 14 of them to those in need. We were so thrilled when he came to us with this idea of giving back! Steve is a genuine, kind, and caring individual… but most of all, he’s got heart. That is what real heroes are made of!

Due to COVID, the number of those who are homeless has sky rocketed. They need our help more than ever, for those simple things we take for granted every single day. We wanted to get these chickens into the hands of those who needed it most …and thanks to ROCK Missions, that was made possible.