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Did you know you should be servicing your furnace regularly?

During the summer season, who really wants to be thinking about the winter? While enjoying the summer heat, we at ClimateCare want you to be prepared! With fall being just around the corner, it’s important not to forget about your furnace. Just as you have regular service for your vehicles, it is important to schedule maintenance for your HVAC systems too. Servicing your furnace regularly will provide efficient operation and a longer lifespan. You’ve worked far too hard to let your heating system be wasteful with your money! Reducing furnace fuel consumption, ensuring peak efficiency and lowering your utility cost are some of the many advantages to annual furnace tune-ups.

Your furnace has three major components; the heat source, the distribution system and the thermostat. Having a ClimateCare technician inspect your system thoroughly will help detect issues before they become major, unexpected and inconvenient problems. What you don’t want is to wake up in the middle of the night to a broken furnace and a freezing cold bed. A 3:00am furnace repair is not desirable under any circumstance.

The heat source is the most likely to be forgotten but can lead to major distribution problems in the future. This is the portion of your HVAC system that must also stay clean. A dirty furnace system will waste fuel, drastically decrease the efficiency and put your family at risk for contaminated air flow in your home.

Turning your thermostat fan to on will help to remove more particles in the system however many are hesitant to do this as it can add hundreds of dollars to your power cost yearly. It is crucial that you change your air filter regularly. And it is recommended that you check the filter once a month, however you may find it does not need to be changed more than once in a 3 month period. This is regular maintenance that you as a home owner can do on your own and it will increase the air quality in your home.

We have several maintenance plans to choose from that will provide your family with long term protection and save you money too. ClimateCare has a WeCare plan that is fit for you! When in doubt, just give us a call. We can answer all of your questions and help you find a plan that is worth your hard earned dollar.