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How to Maintain Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant heating systems are rarer than forced-air heating systems, but they have many advantages. They create and pump out heat without spewing dust everywhere, and they are highly efficient when installed in flooring. Also, to be efficient, they need to be properly maintained. It’s critical to know how to keep these systems running properly so that you can get the most value out of your investment. Here is how to maintain radiant heating systems.

Maintaining the Boiler

You can have a professional maintain the boiler for your radiant heating system, but you may also want to know that is it being maintained properly. Here are the steps to maintain it:

  • Clean the boiler: Dust and other debris can damage the boiler if it is allowed to build up. A professional will wipe down the outside and some of the internal parts of the boiler.
  • Check the flame: The quality of the gas boiler flame can tell you a lot about how well it is running and if it has developed any safety hazards. A professional will also look for corrosion while they are checking the flame.
  • Flush boiler: The water in a boiler should be flushed regularly. While it’s flushing, the professional will listen to hear how well the boiler runs and if there are pressure or heat problems.
  • Check the glycol, temperature and pressure: The acidity of the glycol, the water temperature and the pressure in the system are important metrics that can tell your professional if there is a problem.

Professionals may take even more steps to ensure that your boiler is running properly. They will also update you about the condition and performance of your whole system when they are done. 

Maintaining the Floors

What about maintaining the floors and the pipes beneath them? There’s nothing special that you need to do to keep your flooring and the pipes beneath them in good order, other than cleaning your floor regularly.

To learn more about radiant heating systems, contact our experts at Handy Bros. Home Comfort today.

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Benefits of Maintenance

Why ask the professionals to maintain your radiant heating system? There are several advantages:

  • Better performance: Any heating system that is properly maintained will use less fuel and keep your home consistently warm.
  • Reduced repairs: Preventative maintenance keeps the system in better working order and prevents repairs down the road. Without maintenance, small issues can become major breaks in the system. Catching issues while they are small is always more cost-effective.
  • Longer lifespan: A well-maintained radiant heating system will last longer so that you get more life out of it and can go longer without replacing it.

Heating your home with a radiant in-floor heating system is a comfortable alternative to other heating systems. Learning to maintain and properly care for your radiant in-floor heating systems ensures their longevity. If you want to learn more about radiant heating contact the experts at Handy Bros. Home Comfort.