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How to Improve Home Ventilation

If you have inferior ventilation in your home, everyone inside is more susceptible to the effects of indoor air pollution. When your indoor air quality is poor, it can result in issues like eye, nose, skin and throat irritation, headaches, shortness of breath, allergies and fatigue. Luckily, if you want to know how to improve ventilation in your home there are some easy steps you can take and equipment you can have installed to help make it a reality. 

Open Up Windows and Doors   

This may seem overly simplistic, but taking a few seconds to open your windows will let lots of fresh air in and send the stale air outside. In the process, you’ll get rid of excess moisture, airborne contaminants and allergens. If you leave windows open slightly overnight, it will help control humidity levels, especially in the summer. 

Make Use of a Clothes Line 

Most of us think nothing of throwing a load of laundry in the dryer, but did you know that drying wet clothes inside will create condensation and cause problems with heating system efficiency? Installing a basic clothesline can help you remedy this situation, and save money on your electrical bills in the process. If you have to dry clothes inside, consider opening a window so excess moisture can escape. 

Air Purification System 

Ultraviolet light is very effective at purifying contaminated air, killing mold and getting rid of foul odours associated with harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). If you have a quality air purification system installed in your home, you can keep the air clear and avoid the negative consequences associated with poor air quality. 

Kitchen with Fan over Stove

Extractor Fans and Attic Vents  

For specific areas of your house like the kitchen, bathrooms or laundry room, installing extractor fans that vent to the open air will help improve ventilation in your home. Attic vents are another possibility, as they will drive out excess heat and moisture that have been trapped in your attic. 

Ventilator Air Cleaners  

Depending on your needs, you can have either a local ventilator or a whole-house ventilator installed in your home. A local ventilator works well for specific rooms that may need regular ventilation, while a whole-house ventilator air cleaner will exhaust all of the stale air in your home on a continuous basis and subsequently bring in fresh air from outside. 

Regular HVAC Maintenance 

Having your HVAC system properly maintained is a good way to ensure the air quality in your home is high. When you have an annual maintenance inspection, our technicians will look over your entire system to ensure there are no issues and to make sure any components that could potentially affect air quality are thoroughly cleaned. Your filter will also be changed so any trapped dust and debris aren’t sent out into your ductwork. 

Home ventilation helps keep the air you breathe pure and safe. The experts at Handy Bros ClimateCare are here to help with your home ventilation needs. Contact us today.