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Tankless Water Heater Maintenance & TUNE UPS

Here at Handy Bros, we take the lifespan, efficiency, and over-all performance of your home comfort equipment very seriously. This is why strongly recommend annual maintenance tune-ups on your tankless water heating system. It’s super important that you take care of your investment. Annual system flushes are required for warranty, as water quality substantially impacts the longevity of water heating equipment.
During our maintenance tune-ups, our rigorously trained technicians will perform a thorough inspection, checking over the tankless water heater components as well as providing a much needed vinegar flush on the heat exchanger. An extensive deep-clean of each component will be performed and an in-depth report card will be filed and sent out for your review. This ensures your tankless water heater is in tip-top shape, year after year!
Booking in your annual tankless water heater maintenance is a great way to best ensure your equipment’s safety, efficiency, warranty eligibility, and the overall product lifespan. No matter where you are in Chatham-Kent, Windsor, London, or Sarnia, we are here to serve you!

4 Pillars of Maintenance

Equipment Safety:

Almost all of the home comfort equipment we service can potentially become hazardous. These hazards would include natural gas leaks, propane leaks, water under pressure, carbon monoxide leaks, electrical shorts, and more. It is important to pay attention and to keep all components up to date with manufacturer specified recommendations in order to keep your equipment safe!

Equipment Warranty:

As things begin to age or wear, it is important to have a licensed technician perform a physical inspection in order to catch and replace failing components within the warranty period. Manufacturers require parts to be maintained in order to qualify for warranty in the event they do fail.

Equipment Life:

Maintenance memberships can prolong the life of your equipment by keeping components clean and operational. If one component is failing, it can damage several others. Studies show that regularly changing filters, cleaning burners, coils, and more can increase equipment life by 42%.

Equipment Efficiency:

Dirty components (filters, fans, coils. etc.) contribute to a 28%+ decrease in equipment efficiency. With rising utility costs, it is important to keep your equipment running at peak performance to SAVE your money.



  • Up to 20% DISCOUNT on all repair services.
  • Two visits each year!
  • Annual furnace maintenance.
  • Annual AC maintenance.
  • Complete 87-point inspection and servicing of heating and cooling system.
$9.99/month OR $119.99/year

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Premium Experience Plan:

  • Up to 20% DISCOUNT on all repair services.
  • No Service Fees!
  • Two visits each year!
  • Whole home mechanical 107 point inspection and maintenance.
  • Annual Indoor Air Quality Test.
$24.99/month OR $299.99/year

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