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Maintenance Membership Plan

Handy Bros. Annual Precision Tune Ups


  • Whole home mechanical maintenance. 2 visits per year! $370 Value! *
  • Manufacturer certified 107 point inspection.
  • Standard air filters included upon maintenance visit. 50.00 value!
  • Priority/same day emergency service!
  • Waived “no heat”/“no cool” emergency service reports. 129.00 Value!
  • Repair discounts of 10% off or more! (part and labour). **Seniors receive additional 5% off!
  • $5.00/mo credit towards select new equipment purchases. $5.00/mo Value!
  • 2 FREE VIRTUAL tech support appointments PER year. 49.00 value!
  • Free HB app subscription included with ‘HB family plan’! Ask your tech today about our app!


Call us today to become a member, protect your investment and SAVE $!

* Includes 1 heating unit, 1 cooling unit, 1 water heater, &IAQ accessories.


Safety Equipment Safety

Almost all of the home comfort equipment we service can potentially become hazardous. These hazards would include natural gas leaks, propane leaks, water under pressure, carbon monoxide leaks, electrical shorts, and more. It is important to pay attention and to keep all components up to date with manufacturer specified recommendations in order to keep your equipment safe!

Safety Equipment Safety

As things begin to age or wear, it is important to have a licensed technician perform a physical inspection in order to catch and replace failing components within the warranty period. Manufacturers require parts to be maintained in order to qualify for warranty in the event they do fail.

Safety Equipment Safety

Maintenance memberships can prolong the life of your equipment by keeping components clean and operational. If one component is failing, it can damage several others. Studies show that regularly changing filters, cleaning burners, coils, and more can increase equipment life span by 42%.

Safety Equipment Safety

Dirty components (filters, fans, coils. etc.) contribute to a 28%+ decrease in equipment efficiency causing bills to rise dramatically. With rising utility costs, it is important to keep your equipment running at peak performance to SAVE money.