Affordable, Predictable Furnace Maintenance in Chatham Kent

Minimize the risk of a mid-winter furnace breakdown (and the costly furnace repair)with a predictable furnace maintenance in Chatham Kent from Handy Bros. ClimateCare.

Cleaning, maintenance and preventative furnace service lowers the chance your system will require any costly repairs through its entire lifespan.

A typical furnace encounters minor repair issues through its life, but regular maintenance means your technician can nab those emerging issues early, heading off any catastrophic, and costly, repairs.
Furnace maintenance and furnace repair

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You can customize your plan to cover:

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What do I get with furnace maintenance in Chatham Kent?

A standard maintenance visit helps you avoid furnace repairs as long as possible. Maybe even forever! Your technician:

  • Cleans or replaces the furnace air filter.
  • Inspects the gas supply line and pipe fittings.
  • Checks the heat exchanger.
  • Cleans the blower assembly, fans, pulleys, belts and electrical connections.
  • Follows an additional 23 step inspection guide.

Can I get more coverage?


You can choose a protection plus plan, which includes the full service coverage of a maintenance plan, plus:

  • No charge for standard parts and labour if repairs are required, including after hours.
  • Priority appointment scheduling.

Manage your furnace maintenance with a good plan!

Get in touch with Handy Bros. ClimateCare now to customize your maintenance plan or protection plus plan and find out how affordable coverage can be.

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