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Furnace Safety Dos And Don’ts 

When it comes to furnace safety, there are some very specific do’s and don’ts that should be followed to keep everyone in your home safe. Anytime natural gas is a factor, the potential exists for a serious injury or even death if standard safety protocol isn’t followed. Make no mistake, today’s furnaces are safe and will keep you and your family comfortable without too much effort on your part. But the following furnace safety do’s and don’ts will ensure your furnace runs smoothly when you need it most and everyone is safe. 

Do Use the Right Contractor 

Not all HVAC contractors are created equal, and it’s important to only use contractors that have their proper TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) registration. When you see this certification, you can feel confident that the contractor has the proper training and experience to be working safely in your home. 

Do Have Annual Maintenance Performed 

Not only will annual maintenance visits ensure your furnace is running safely, they will also save you money on your monthly heating bills. When you have dirty filters or minor issues slowing the efficiency of your furnace, it needs to work that much harder to heat your home, which will raise your bills and the danger level. 

Do Have an Emergency Plan 

Despite your best efforts and due diligence, accidents do happen, and it’s important to have an emergency plan in case it happens to you. Make sure everyone in the house knows where the main gas shutoff valve is, and if you smell gas, shut if off before leaving the house without turning on any lights or electrical appliances. Then call the local fire department and gas company to take control. 

Do Test Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

A problem with your furnace can result in a deadly carbon monoxide leak, but if you regularly test your detectors then they will let you know and everyone will remain safe. 

Don’t Make Repairs on Your Own 

It may be tempting to try your hand at furnace repair, especially if you are the DIY type. And even though you may be able to find some YouTube videos that show what to do, it’s never a good idea to make furnace repairs on your own. Natural gas is highly flammable and even if it seems like you’ve fixed the problem, there is always the chance for a leak and a tragic ending if a professional doesn’t make the repair. 

Don’t Leave Flammable Items Near Furnace 

When you have an appliance that produces heat and you place flammable items next to it, there’s always the likelihood of a fire. Don’t leave items like clothing, half-empty paint cans or anything else that could catch fire near the furnace. 

Don’t Leave Clutter Around the Furnace 

A furnace needs air to function correctly, so while you are clearing away the flammable items, clear away anything else that’s around the furnace too. Leave space for sufficient airflow and your furnace will work safely and efficiently. 

If you’d like to talk more about furnace safety or if your furnace needs professional attention, get in touch with us today at Handy Bros. ClimateCare.