Heat recovery ventilators Chatham-Kent residents have come to rely on

Are you concerned about the quality of your home’s air? Canadian winters and breezy falls and springs mean many consecutive months with windows shut tightly.

When you consider the odours, chemicals, cooking off-gassing and more that swirl around your home, why wouldn’t you wouldn’t you want a heat recovery ventilator? Handy Bros. ClimateCare has the solution.

A heat recovery ventilator can bring the freshness of the outdoors into your home without the cold breezes or pesky allergens. Stale air is moved outside while crisp, natural air comes in and is circulated throughout your home.

Keeping air flowing

Our HRV systems keep air flowing throughout your space, regulate humidity levels and exhaust stale, polluted air to the outdoors.

Whole-house ventilators continually replace the entire volume of old, contaminated air inside your home, with fresh outdoor air. These air ventilation systems are a solution to today’s tightly sealed homes that save energy by reducing the escape of air. Before sending air outdoors, whole-home ventilators extract the heating or cooling you have put into your home’s climate. This ensures no energy wastage.

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Choosing a heat recovery ventilator?

When it comes to air circulation, you have two choices:

  • Heat recovery ventilator: Residents often choose this one that’s perfect for colder climates, this unit will grab the heat inside your home and transfer it to fresh air from the outside. This process will help keep you warm in the winter and may also reduce condensation that can damage windows, insulation and furniture in those colder months.
  • Energy recovery ventilator: These units are particularly useful for homes in areas with milder winters. It transfers moisture and heat from incoming fresh air to the outgoing airstream. Believe it or not, it can remove almost half of the moisture from the air that comes in, which is critical to keeping your home cool and dry.

Handy Bros. ClimateCare’s professionals will set you up with the smart choice for your home

Not sure if your house needs a heat recovery ventilator? Handy Bros. ClimateCare can help you assess your situation and help you make the right choice.

Contact us today to speak to one of our professionals to learn more about ventilation systems!

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