Get Your Residential Boiler in Chatham Kent

residential boiler in Chatham KentIf you prefer a residential boiler in Chatham Kent over a standard furnace, we can help you find the right unit for your home.

Homeowners across Southwestern Ontario install boilers instead of furnaces for efficient and budget-friendly home heating.

A high efficiency gas boiler installed by a trained boiler contractor gives you all the heating capacity of a modern furnace with one significant difference:

  • It costs less.

If a residential boiler in Chatham Kent is on your home upgrade list, call today.


A smart choice for your family

Your current gas furnace vents byproducts like water vapour and carbon dioxide through a chimney. The chimney is a huge source of heat (and $$$) loss, whether the furnace is on or not.

A residential boiler saves your family money in two ways:

  1. It eliminates warm air escaping through furnace on and off cycles. More of the warm air you pay to heat stays in the house.
  2. It draws more heat from combustion before venting and you get the best possible heat-energy recovery.

Pair your new residential boiler in Chatham Kent with a smart thermostat from Carrier, Honeywell or ecobee and take total control of your home climate.

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Find the right solution for your home

If residential boiler isn’t right for you, give us a call. We specialize in finding the right HVAC solution for every family.

You might be better served by a:

Work with us and get the personal touch of a small, local business with the product prices of the big retailers. It’s the best of both worlds!

Contact us today for the best price on purchase, installation and service for your new residential boiler in Chatham Kent.

Finance your purchase with 0% interest.

Financing with us is easy. You can get 24 months with equal payments and no interest, or 12 months with no payments and no interest. Ask us for details today.

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