Get complete confidence with our convenient air conditioning rental service available in Lakeshore. When it comes to cooling your home, there are two key things you want to avoid, facing a large upfront cost, or dealing with expensive and unexpected air conditioning repairs.

At Handy Bros, our air conditioning rental service by ClimateCare helps Lakeshore residents avoid having to spend hundreds of dollars out of pocket on a new air conditioning unit.

Enjoy A Rented Air Conditioning Unit

CLARITY by ClimateCare gives Lakeshore residents the ability to enjoy lower monthly payments for a rent to own furnace, air conditioner, water heater, and more. Your home is at your fingertips with an affordable rent to own ENERGY STAR® air conditioner.

Choosing To Rent Over Buying An Air Conditioning System

Whether you require a larger air conditioning system, a portable unit, or a combo unit, you will see the same benefits:

  • You are the owner of all equipment
  • You are protected by a full warranty
  • You get to choose your maintenance and protection plan
  • When it comes to selling your house the process is simple

Air Conditioning Rental Systems Simplified

If you are local to Lakeshore and want more information about our convenient air conditioning rental service, speak with one of our Handy Bros ClimateCare experts today. We want to see you enjoy the absolute best shopping experience and will ensure that we follow through on our promise of: Comfort, Accountability, Reliability and Excellence.

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