Our Lakeshore air conditioning installers want to see you stay cool. At Handy Bros, we offer premium service to your existing air conditioning unit or if required, the installation of a brand new air conditioning system starting at just $9.99 a month! Our air conditioning installation team can give you more information about this exciting offer.

Easier Air Conditioning Installation

We are serious about your air conditioning installation needs as we recognize the importance of staying cool during the summer months. Our team moves quickly to meet your air conditioning needs so you remain comfortable.

Regardless of the age, make, or model of your air conditioning unit, our Lakeshore air conditioning installation technicians have got you covered. We’ve made it our goal to provide you with the most cost-effective air conditioning solutions available, be it a new installation at your Lakeshore home or office, or repairs to your existing air conditioning system. Work with our experienced air conditioning installers and ensure your air conditioning system is able to run at maximum efficiency.

How To Tell If I Need A New Air Conditioning Installed?

Here are some signs that you may require air conditioning installation or service:

  • Your air conditioning system has to run constantly
  • You are experiencing vibrations or buzzing coming from your unit
  • Your air conditioning unit is making odd noises
  • Your Lakeshore Home/Office never keeps cool
  • Your current air conditioning unit is over 5 years old
  • It has been more than two years since your previous air conditioning service

Our Air Conditioning Installation Staff Are Ready For You Today

If you are seeking air conditioning installation, sales, or service, our Lakeshore air conditioning technicians are able to complete the installation of a brand new air conditioning unit, or perform repairs to your existing unit. Reach out to our friendly team and book your appointment today.

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