Have you been told that your air conditioner is low on freon? Freon is a refrigerant and the essential element in an air conditioner that allows the unit to draw heat out of your home and replace it with cool air. When your air conditioner is low on freon, it makes sense that it would run into some problems. Here are the signs that your air conditioner doesn’t have enough freon and what you can do about it. 

1. Your Home Isn’t As Cool 

An air conditioner that is low on freon will take longer than normal to cool down your home. It will feel hot longer than normal until your home is restored to the right temperature. You might notice rising temperatures in your home during the hottest parts of the day. 

2. High Utility Bill 

When you compare your last month’s bill to last year’s bill for the same month, is it higher? Barring unusual weather circumstances, your utility bill should not be dramatically increasing year over year. This could mean that your air conditioner has to run much longer to cool your home, which could indicate a problem with the freon. Although, there are other possibilities, so it is important to confirm with an HVAC technician. 

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3. The Air Isn’t Cold 

If the air conditioner is running, but the air coming out of your vents isn’t cold, then there is certainly a problem with your air conditioner. Very low freon is just one possibility. There are other potential problems that may keep your air conditioner from producing any cold air. Of course, there are other repair issues that might also cause this problem, but an HVAC professional can sort it out for you. 

4. There is Ice on the Line 

Your air conditioner has a refrigerant line, likely made of copper. If this line has developed frost it typically means that the refrigerant is low and causing the pipes to be colder than they are normally. When it is exposed to condensation, it freezes over and creates ice. Ice on the line can lead to other problems, so it is best to get your technicians to look into this issue right away. 

5. There is a Noise Coming from Your Air Conditioner 

Low refrigerant is often caused by a leak, and a leak in the refrigerant line often causes noise. You might hear a low, soft hissing noise coming from the air conditioner if you have a leak. Other noises could be other problems. 

What Should I Do About Low Freon? 

Low freon doesn’t just need a “recharge.” The only reason an air conditioner is low on freon is that it has a leak, which needs to be fixed. You should ask your HVAC technician to fix the leak and refill your freon.  

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