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Putting an end to the LEAKS!

Have you ever felt like life keeps piling it on? Like terrible situations keep mounting up, one after another?
The HandyBros Heroes are at it again! This month, we met a local family (anonymous), who has been suffering from one thing after another.
Both the father and the mother have been battling severe illness which has prevented them from working full time. The little hours they could work have been stolen from them by the effects of COVID on our economy.
On top of all their physical and financial issues, their house has been deteriorating. Multiple plumbing leaks arose, and they have been unable to have them repaired for far too long. One can only take so much, and this family has faced more than their fair share. Our HandyBros Heroes were happy to come in and repair all their plumbing issues, taking a tremendous load from off their shoulders. In the end, that’s what its all about; supporting those in our community who need it most! Giving someone a reason to smile again.